Rapidhort: Rapid Demonstration Model of a Sustainable Food Systems Approach in Horticulture

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Short Description: The session will give an overview of a research project recently funded by the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine, Ireland. The project aims to inform more sustainable practices for the production of plants and plant based products, which will increase cost effectiveness and enhance competitiveness of horticultural products.


Globally, consumers have an increased interest in sustainable and healthy eating which is motivating them to prioritize plants and plant based products. The session will give an overview of a grant project focusing on sustainable horticulture that was recently funded by the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine, Ireland. To produce affordable safe and nutritious plant products for a healthy consumer and environment it is necessary to understand changes in their nutritional value, safety and quality across all aspects of production, from growing to end application. The goal of the project is to provide growers and processors with the tools to develop and deliver horticultural products with increased sustainability, nutritional value and competitiveness. The project is based on microgreens, high-value crops that are widely used in upmarket restaurants and delis due to their intense flavors and vibrant colors. Microgreens have a short growing cycle and they deteriorate rapidly post-harvest resulting in a short shelf-life, therefore they heighten the challenges faced in many commercially produced horticultural crops. This multi-actor project will bring together academics, research centers, growers, processors and end-users, and will use a food systems approach to demonstrate, in a rapid and repeatable model, the potential impact of all interactions across all aspects of the horticultural food system. In addition, it will explore the potential of using waste heat from data centers to power vertical farming to reduce waste and achieve greater environmental sustainability.


This session is part of the Scientific Discovery Workgroup Research Promotion (Grant Project Awardee)